Sign this Petition to Stabilize the Climate!

With this Petition, you can assure the World Nations to engage in stopping the melting of our North, South Poles and the Greenland Ice Sheet, stop sea level rise and slow plant and animal extinctions.


The Consortium wants to present 50 million signed Petitions to the Alliance of Nations, Board of Governors.  This, to assures the world’s nations to join the Alliance and engage in climate reversing solutions.


At this time, the Alliance has no member nations but your Petition will send a loud voice to help convince them to join together and engage.

The Consortium Proposal

Alliance of Nations, Board of Governors

Dear Hon. State or National Leader,

I would like to express my opinion about how we should respond to climate changes.

I am concerned about the livability of our environment. I support you in developing climate technology Innovations into global infrastructure to help reduce CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere.

I also support the Climate Protection Consortium’s proposed "Consortium Concept" to fund these innovations through this independent stewardship from pledges of authority, influence and things from my nation to the Alliance of Nations. Please also know that I want the most protected and efficient way to development these critical technologies as quickly as possible.

I authorize you to engage with The Alliance to support this climate stewardship through the intergovernmental organization, The Alliance of Nations:

I urge you to help protect this effort from market risks, special interest influences, conflicts of interest and bureaucracy that could get in the way of progress. Please advise the world's private sectors and the wealthy to contribute to this effort by cooperating with the Consortium's objectives.

I support the latitude of operational independence and authority of the Climate Protection Consortium. This will allow it to operate with immunity, impunity, indemnity as well as the full authority of the Alliance of Nations to designate them as a not-for-profit organization. This is consistent with the best interests of society.

Thank you!


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