Our Legal Basis

Our Advocate community develops our fundamental assumptions from sound social principles and data that is summarized, prioritized, and ratified into an informal set of fundamental social assumptions which act as our operational guidelines from which we work.

Here is an example of the assumptions and legal rights which we propose to represent the people’s best interests:

  1. The Fundamental Moral Imperatives (FMIs) This document covers the way we live our lives.

Next, to move the whole of humanity moving forward into the future we must have another, different set of assumptions and legal rights.

  1. The Continuity of Humanity Priorities (CoH) This document covers how we will need to plan out our future:

These documents need to be an incontestable and an overarching body of guidance to establish legal basis for and authorize a climate recovery mission. The Consortium engages with Advocates to assist in this development and ratification of these fundamental assumptions.

The Fundamental Basis for Law and Public Policy

The FMIs and CoHs are used to outline and influence new international laws and public policy, redirecting the engagement of markets, special interests, and the world’s nations from the Climate Red Zone to cooperate in a coordinated effort to mitigate disaster relief costs. The Alliance of Nations, a confederation of the world’s nations, serves to prosecute these laws with member nations providing enforcement.