Are you looking for low risk development funding?

Premium support services, use of assets, and infrastructure?

Are you seeking a worldwide licensing opportunity? 


If your climate technology is at a late stage in development and you have a demonstrable prototype or pilot plant technology, we may be able to help.  We are currently exploring new levels of cooperation with the Alliance of Nations, the world’s member nations organization designated to provide sovereignty pledges of resources, use of assets, services, support infrastructure and designated protected hosting sites as well as immunity provisions to your innovation team.

We are currently reviewing viable climate reversing technology projects for inclusion into a summary technology package to be submitted to the Alliance of Nations on March 31, 2020.

If your project is eligible and selected, you may be offered

  • Protected Government Financing (PGF),
  • All expense paid innovation facilities, utilities, housing allowance, transportation provisions.
  • Support services including healthcare benefits etc.
  • Premium support infrastructure
  • Assurances of a safe, secure and protected innovation environment.
  • Your project’s innovation site would be designated a sovereignty domain (like an embassy)
  • Assurances of immunity, impunity and indemnity to all personnel.

If interested, please fill out the innovation review form and we will contact you to schedule an phone appointment.