Climate Recovery Town Hall

The Climate Protection Consortium

Climate Restoration 

Town Hall


The Climate Protection Consortium (CPC) is hosting a Zoom virtual Climate Restoration Town Hall for social, environmental and humanitarian Advocates on various dates beginning Wednesday, September 15, 2021, at 11:00 AM (PST). 


This event will discuss the Consortium Concept and its Consortium Institutions, a social ideology within a set of public, not-for-profit, non-governmental institutions which integrates the will of the world’s people through the support of their governments.  The CPC, an organization that’s part of the Consortium Institutions, is responsible for overseeing the facilitation of the world’s long-term climate mission with technology.


These institutions work on behalf of the world’s people through their Advocates through the Global Board of Advocates (GBoA) who pledge their direction and “moral authority” to influence a social and governmental engagement in a climate reversing and stabilization technology mission to mitigate climate change. 


Advocates represent the pulse of the world’s people’s will and best interests to guide the continuity of life and the protection of the environment from a global perspective.  Advocates (individuals, organizations, or entities) inherently represent the highest order of moral and ethical values well suited to direct the best interests of climate protection, conservation of the environment, and the protection of life’s advancement.


The panel will introduce key factors contributing to the Consortium Concept’s best chances of success where other traditional institutional processes have failed to protect the people.


This one-hour event will be hosted on Zoom by the Climate Protection Consortium’s Ambassador Monique Carey

On hand for Q&A will be our intergovernmental sponsor, The Alliance of Nations’, Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Jeffrey Carey.


Checkout Ambassador Carey’s meeting script or for more information, please contact her office at [email protected] .