Shouldn’t all generations come together in unity to protect the earth?

My name is Monique Carey.  I am 14. I am the Climate Spokeswoman for the Climate Protection Consortium.  I work with my dad, Jeffrey Carey.  I have some thoughts that we would like to share with you.  -Monique


I have a solution, a plan, a vision.

There is technology, many technologies, ready to reverse global warming.

We must reverse global warming and stabilize the environment.

I have technology.  Renewable energy technology.

We have known about this for generations, that there is a problem. We prepared solutions for this.

We need to get off of fossil fuels right away, but it will take time because we do not have the power generating equipment and the electric cars.  This will take about 20-50 years to get those things.

Doing so will reverse global warming …  but the environment needs relief now.

there is a way. . .

We can take the greenhouse gas, CO2, from the burning of fossil fuels, and turn it into something good. We can make synthetic gasoline with renewable energy.  This is a second use for CO2 which means it can reduce emissions just enough.

Currently, our leaders and industry don’t have technology running.  A lot of talk.  But nothing running.

We can start reversing the warming within a couple years.   

It’s not hopeless.

There is a way.

The technology exists.  But we must guard it carefully.  Make it work and protect it with our lives to ensure that it works for a very long time.  

We must sing together in harmony.  Sing loud, sing together.

We must tell the generations things.  

The Old, Your children and grandchildren are at risk.  Give the gift of your legacy to make sure to protect your children and grandchildren’s future.

The Young, You are at risk from global warming. Prepare for it.  It will be hard.

Protest and watch who is going into and out of humanity’s Red Zones.  Spread the word.

Only move 1 inch a day, no more.

The problem is big.  Bigger than one person, a politician, a state, or a nation.  This is an International effort which must be protected from special interests, capitalism and bureaucratic processes.  This will change.

For every year that passes we will become stronger.  For every natural disaster, we all will be pointing at those in our Red Zones.  Tell them to get out. They’re damaging our world.

Tell them that they are holding our governments and it’s officials hostage and we will not be intimidated or coerced.  

These Governments will save us by moving us out of the danger zone.

We need to unite our governments, globally, to defend and protect the development of humanity with technology.  This is reasonable, rational and humanity’s best hope.

The Consortium will help protect this.  

But most importantly . . .  

If you can, Vote.  But all should Sign the Petition to Stop Global Warming!




Hello, my name is Jeffrey Carey…

From the Desk of Jeffrey Carey

My name is Jeffrey Carey.  I am the Executive Director for The Climate Protection Consortium. I also serving a dual role as the Administrative Officer for the Alliance of Nations.

I want to introduce myself and tell you how I believe we can protect society from catastrophic climate changes that capital markets simply can not solve.

For critical technology innovations, like climate issues, we must have a fast tract plan to implementation, especially where all of our health, safety and security are concerned.  Climate reversing technology is one of those critical technologies which simply must be protected.

We need to know that society and its governments will ensure our safety and security by supporting these technologies.  Everything innovators need in terms of resources, security and support can be provided by the world’s governments to advance climate innovations for the benefit of humanity.   However, inherent to governments are special interests, conflicts of interest, and bureaucracy standing in the way of this progress.

The Climate Protection Consortium and the Alliance of Nations can limit these influences by separating government control and influences from environmental stewardship and innovation.  All industrialized nations must pledge at least influence.  Industrialized nations should pledge resources, services and support infrastructure to develop innovation projects in a not-for-profit environment, the Consortium, via the Alliance of Nations.  This ensures a safer and more secure environment for innovation.

My first job is to introduce this concept to our Advocates and the world’s governments.  While I am sure this will be a challenge, I am sure the People and our leaders will agree that The Climate Protection Consortium is the key to success in reversing climate change for everyone.

I will keep you informed of our progress.


Jeffrey Carey