The Office of the Ambassador

Madam Monique A. Carey

Monique A. Carey was administered her Oath of Office as Ambassador by The Alliance of Nations. She currently serves The Climate Protection Consortium since June 4, 2020.

The Ambassador is Responsible for:

The Climate Protection Consortium Mission

The Global Board of Advocates Envoy

The Climate Innovation Mission


As the daughter of a renewable energy researcher, Ambassador Carey was exposed to advanced climate technology at an early age. During this period, she independently pursued her high school education while studying at her father’s laboratory. Wondering why the world never embraced climate technology, she focused her studies on environmental, social, and humanitarian subject areas as well as economics, and geopolitics.

“Growing up, I always appreciated the beauty of nature and how we could preserve it.  My mission is to identify a clear path for society to engage in and sustain our ways to protect our environment.”

At age of 13, she took and passed her college entrance exam and was accepted to university. Ultimately, she decided to advance the safety and security of humanity and the environment.

“Even with viable technology, society has repeatedly failed to solve this problem using our traditional ways and means. Every morning I wake up, I wonder what the path forward looks like. That’s why we developed the Consortium Concept.”

In 2018, at 14, she helped advance the strategic development of a plan which might engage the world’s people with an outcome which stabilize our planet’s future. She also co-authored an ideology framework known as “The Consortium Concept”.  

That same year, she co-founded The Climate Protection Consortium. As Director of Communications, she co-developed the website, produced two promotional concept videos, and personally introduced the concept to the world’s climate, environmental and social advocates.

“Sometimes life hands you opportunities you just can’t pass up. For me, this is just one of those defining moments.”

The Consortium Concept has been viewed by over 100,000 users in 140 countries with over 2M hits in the last year by mostly climate advocates and governments around the world.

Madam Ambassador’s Mission Objectives:

  • Promote the Consortium Concept agenda worldwide as a path to securing and protecting the Climate Red Zone through “The Climate Protection Consortium Mission”.
  • Act as a liaison with The Global Board of Advocates to present, educate and brief CPC capabilities and paths forward to recover the climate.
  • Coordinate, fund, support and promote climate innovation projects and their progress.

Ambassador Carey stands up for strong moral, ethical, and human values. She believes that this establishes the basis for a better world.  

“Eventually, I want to practice civil or human rights. I am intrigued by the legal aspects of “The Consortium Concept”.

Madam Ambassador speaks English and French and is pursuing Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.