Ambassador Carey’s Town Hall Script

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It is about 10 minutes after, I think we’ve given everyone a chance to arrive.  

Let’s get started …….

I would like to welcome you to the Climate Protection Consortium’s Climate Restoration Town Hall. 

My name is Ambassador Monique Carey and I am with the Climate Protection Consortium.  Joining us today is our intergovernmental sponsor, the Alliance of Nation’s Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Jeffrey Carey.  We make up, the Consortium Institutions.

We are here today to offer you the tools to help reverse global warming and stabilize our climates before the end of the decade. 

We propose, that a new set of the people’s institutions, be integrated between the world’s people, and their governments, to execute an effective, climate recovery mission, with the full support of society.  

This option does not settle for net zero emissions in 30 years, it actually begins to reverse global warming and stabilize our climates within this decade. 

The resources for this mission are already owned by the people, through the world’s  governments.  


If you have seen our websites, you may have read how we are different from the Paris Climate Agreement.   

First, Nations coming together in the paris agreement do so from the point of view of what a nation can do that will not conflict with its agenda, and conflicts of interest.  This is a very complex calculation from inside the government.  

So, our first assumption is that no nation, even all nations coming together, could ever free themselves from the gridlock of their internal conflicting national agendas, market influences, bureaucracy and special interest divides. 

Second, Our world’s governments simply do not know how to legislate or regulate climate responsibility without getting into trouble with big business and industry. So, they choose to delegate this problem to the private sectors, like big oil.  

Now, Big Oil, gas, and coal companies will not tackle this climate responsibility because it does not return a profit. They would rather kick the problem down the road into the future. Also, it is clear that melting the planet’s poles makes available a huge amount of oil, gas and coal reserves.  It’s a money thing with them. 

Our Second assumption is that the climate crisis is a loser proposition for both governments? and the private sectors.  

That’s why we see commercials about how much they are trying, and nothing happens.

Both our governments and the private sectors simply can not, and will not, solve our global climate crisis.


As a result, our environment and civilization are now at great risk. 


So, should we keep trying to brute force our institutions and private industry into taking action to solve this problem?

No.  We think there is a different approach and a better way. 

We offer you, the world’s people’s, “Consortium Institutions”.  

The Consortium Institutions represent a global custodial climate stewardship with an accompanying intergovernmental organization, which, directed by the people, ensures the people’s will and best interests will be served. 

The Consortium Institutions’ prime focus is on developing as many in-house climate recovery technology innovations as possible. It will support, defend, protect, and fund the development of these innovations, selecting only the best, to build out into global infrastructure to begin reversing global warming and climate change over time.  

We are currently hosting an advanced hydrogen technology which could be developed to begin this transition. Our first application will focus on significant CO2 emissions coming from fossil fired power plants to produce electricity. If we could take these fossil emissions and give them a second use, by converting them into clean synthetic fuels for our cars and trucks, we could begin building out a hydrogen economy.  Over time, we could phase out fossil based electricity production, to hydrogen.  At the same time, and over time we could transition to electric cars with electricity produced by this hydrogen.

This change means that we could immediately begin to reverse our net atmospheric CO2 concentrations on implementation.  This will mark the beginning of a transition to a clean and renewable energy future. 

On approval, the world’s governments would engage to support a 30 year plan to retrofit, 50,000 fossil fired power plants around the world, quickly reducing their emissions, and civilization’s carbon footprint.  


Originally proposed in January of 2019, The Consortium Concept is a developing social strategy to implement climate technology based on hydrogen to primarily enable the reversal of global warming.  But it also includes a provision which provides the world’s people with an emergency panic button, engaging Fundamental Moral Imperatives, and Continuity of Life Priorities, to direct the support of their nations and states’ sovereignty, authority, and resources to critical humanitarian missions.  This is accomplished without changing a nation’s internal conflicting agendas.

Unlike capitalism and traditional market systems, our concept goes beyond putting a price on climate recovery with Return on Investment calculations, adding considerable risks to humanity’s outcome.  Nor do we use Cost to Benefit analysis which is commonly used in government calculations, often sidelining greater good priorities. 

Governments and markets will benefit from our mission, realizing new forms of opportunities and prosperity; like stable fiscal budgets and strong markets, as well as limiting infrastructure losses due to the ongoing increasing damage from the effects of climate change. 

The resources would be pledged by nations and separated out from social obligations and re-pledged to our not-for-profit climate recovery mission through our intergovernmental organization, The Alliance of Nations.


Sounds like we have this all figured out, Right?  No. Not even close.

We can’t do this on our own. We have tried for many years.  We need help to begin this transition with implied authority and influence to clear a path with the any means possible to reverse global warming.

So, why haven’t your efforts helped us start to fix the problem? 

Well, that’s a matter of perspective. 

The problem is, chain of accountability.  


There is no question that you are the leaders of social change. 

In fact, you are the ones who put it all out there and take great risks.  But It is just a fact, that your activism, only leaves a temporary mark on the world’s timeline. When you march, it leaves a public impression, but it is usually forgotten after only a day or two, a week at most. Then, your message and action are  largely forgotten. Then leaders attribute your action to some kind of radical group.  The urgency and message can not be taken seriously in this way, at least by the people, who could affect change.  


The Consortium Institutions use a different approach.  

A continuous chain of accountability.

The Consortium uses the collective authority and influence of humanity.  A certificate of moral authority and influence, issued by the world’s people.  This represents a single voice of humanity presented as a certified directive, in the form of an official document, served directly to the world’s nations. This directive must be accounted for, and responded to. 

This directive, not only authorizes our institutions, but it also compels the world’s governments to engage and support the people’s choice for a critical humanitarian effort, outside of national borders and special interest agendas. 

This organization provides its directives in the most fundamental, diverse and inclusive basis possible, to represent the world’s people’s will and best interests.  This organization can also authorize humanity to pursue its own solutions to complex social, environmental and humanitarian problems.  

This is no easy task, bringing together all human interests and disciplines?, and then representing it as one voice?.  If possible, this organization would represent a way to clear any path for any critical humanitarian mission.  

Certainly, this organization solves a great many problems in geopolitics, markets, bureaucracy, and other special interest influences, that might interfere with independent, not for profit, climate recovery missions.

We call this organization, the Global Board of Advocates. 


So what’s the problem? Make it happen. Right?  Well? There is no Global Board of Advocates. It is just an empty domain shell. 

Someone needs to build out this organization. 

We can work on developing climate technology options for humanity, but, more importantly, you may be able to help ensure our continuity of life, and possibly, point humanity towards a greater good.

One more thing, If you decided to help and accept such an impossible mission? You would have the full backing of the world’s people, their nation’s sovereignty, and the full faith and credit of The Consortium Institutions behind you. We would also provide aggregated sovereignty privileges, rights, and protections, and step in to defend and protect this organization’s mission, and its advocates. 

We believe, that The Consortium Concept, is the only way to unify the world’s people with their governments, aligning business, industry and special interests, with possibly our best, and last chance, for a long term, climate recovery mission. 

I think I’ve said enough.  Let’s give you a chance to share your ideas.

Thank You.


Questions and Answers


Q: How long have you been working on this effort?

I’ve been involved with the development of this concept for about 8 years. 


Q: How did you get started? 

I grew up with my energy researcher father, who tried to launch his climate reversing technology back in 2013. It ran into interference because of conflicting national agendas, market and special interest influences. So, I spent the last 8 years helping to develop a social implementation strategy to solve this. 


Q: How can we help? 

We only encourage you to organize and vote, as a global body, with a single voice of humanity, pointed directly to the world’s government’s through The Global Board of Advocates.


Q: Do you want us to protest governments or special interests like big oil?

No.  We do not coordinate or encourage protests.  The people own their governments. And we direct our governments to serve the will and best interests of the people. As an advocate, you must vote your conscience and advocate for your community in the best way you know.


Q: Are you asking us to drop our mission efforts?

No. we simply are requesting that from time to time you vote on societal directives when needed.


Q: I have friends who also want to vote and make a change, can they also be advocates and vote? 

Absolutely.  Anyone, and everyone who takes an active interest in our world has an equal say in the global voice of the people.  This voice is presented directly to our governments and society.


Q: How is the consortium different from the Paris Climate Agreement?

There are many differences, but the most important are that governments have agendas that will not change and they will be further complicated by markets and special interest influences.  See our paper on “Comparison of the Paris Climate Agreement” on our website. 


Q: Have you tried getting Greta involved?

We have reached out to Ms. Thunberg, but she has not responded.  We believe there may be common values, but at this point, we are not sure if she completely understands our approach. We look forward to meeting with her and sharing ideas. 


Q: How old are you? 

I’m 17.


Q: Are you going to school?

I finished high school in 2017. This is my full time profession.  I plan to continue my education and pursue a law degree.


Q: How do we vote?

First, Advocates must vote to organize the Global board of Advocates’ community. So, the first vote is to organize.  This is your organization so I can’t tell you what to do next.  It’s a conflict of interest for me. 


Q: How many climate technologies do you currently have?

We are currently hosting 1 out of the 30 planned climate reversing innovations that we will incubate and support.


Q: How many nations are currently part of the Alliance?

None.  We are seeking diplomatic relations with 194 countries. But it is not working.  This is why we need your help.


Q: What can I do to help get governments on board?

Organize the Global Board of Advocates and vote.  We will take your directives directly to the world’s governments.


Q: How do we know if any of your technologies will work?

We don’t know. But we must try all possible options. 


I am pleased to announce that on September 2, 2021, I was presented with an official scientific assessment of the MPP, Active Ion Displacement science and technology.  Dr Dick Brown Ph.D, MS (our chief scientific consultant) has released his long awaited scientific review, marking an important milestone in validating potential climate stabilization and global cooling capability.  This validates our ability to perform waist CO2 conversions into usable compounds and clean synthetic fuels to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we need to extract from the ground to lower CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere. His review will be available on the website’s Scientific page.


Q: What are your struggles?

Authorization and influence of the world’s people. We need the world’s people to direct our governments to support our critical humanitarian effort outside of national borders, to ensure the continuity of humanity.


Q: What is your role with the consortium?

s Ambassador, I am responsible for promoting the consortium concept worldwide, coordinating with the Global Board of Advocates, and incubating and developing climate innovations.


Q: Aren’t you bordering on tyranny or sedition or trying to overthrow a government?

No.  This is not any of those things. The people establish their governments. And You are the best representatives of the world’s people. The people are fully authorized to direct, redirect and remind governments of their fundamental purpose to manage our best interests for safety, security, and our best outcome.


Q: So you’re trying to reinforce the principles of a government?

Of course. 


Q: What are you doing about special interests and Big Oil?

Let’s take a look at Big Oil first.  Big oil represents an industry currently exploiting a finite resource with assets all over the world.  This infrastructure will be useful in our transition to a clean energy future.  Oil executives and their shareholders will have to make a choice whether to diversify into a clean energy future or just go out of business.  Which one do you think they will pick?  We will need their expertise to find our way forward.   


Special interest groups are a vague term for folks who just want things to go their own way.  They will need to adapt to an ever changing world just like all of us. 


Q: Why should governments listen to an activist?  Are you saying that we should trust an activist that wants to take down the government?

We should never take the choice of one voice on complex issues like the climate.  We need the voice of humanity.  This is the purpose of The Global Board of Advocates.