The Climate Protection Consortium works closely with the Advocate Community. Advocates provide us with real-time information about our mission progress and the challenges we face while executing our climate restoration tasks.

The “Consortium Concept offers the Advocate community a soft power seat in negotiating global climate issues and implementable solutions with the world’s governments, just short of the Point of Break(ing) (PoB) of civilization. The only question is the rate of climate restoration progress, mission issues and raised exceptions from each nation limiting environmental impacts and risks to the CoH.

In order for us to facilitate climate restoration and maintenance tasks independently and autonomously of society, we must have an indisputable and incontestable set of fundamentals understanding as defined by the whole of humanity. The Consortium’s authority to execute global climate recovery tasks and climate regulating technology implementations are based on these mutually agreed upon moral, ethical and value assumptions derived from our Advocates.

An Advocate is inherently an individual, organization, or entity representing the highest of moral, ethical, and values judgement well suited to the best interests of climate protection, conservation of the environment, and the protection of current and future human rights.

Our Board of Advocates (Directors)

Our Board of Directors is made up of Advocates worldwide.  We believe Advocates best represent the people’s interests.  These Advocates come from all walks of life, every age, nationality, education and preference.


Our single agenda mission simply focuses on influencing sound climate laws and policy to protect the development of our climate restorative technologys into infrastructure to stabilize the climate.

The Ying/Yang Theory

Our governments must be in control over the balance and sustainability of our civilization.  They must preserve law, order, and economic stability using traditional means and infrastructure, sometimes managed by business and industry.  However, when needed, and based on our mission progress, unreasonable challenges we may face (like progress and issues) may be referred to our Board of Advocates and The Alliance of Nations who can decide how to influence solutions. This influence may be applied to separating our mission objectives from the external influences causing the problem.  That said, The Consortium and its Board of Advocates must stay at the forefront, or the bleeding edge, of climate restoration progress.

The Consortium’s climate restoration mission cannot break civilization.


How Our Advocate Relationships Works

We ask Advocates to assist us in the following areas:

  • Act as our Board of Advocates
  • Provide Climate, Environmental, and Social Strategic Analysis
  • Serve on our FMI Advisory Council
  • Serve on our CoH Advisory Council
  • Serve on our Advisory Panels
  • Serve on our Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Counsel
  • Assist in our mission executions

Our advocates are vital to humanity’s success, standing up for what is right and wrong, and knowing the difference. Our Advocates will ultimately lead us into a bright future with essential input for our human mission. Our Advocates represent all areas of society and provide sound fundamental thinking representing the whole of humanity’s best interests.

The Alliance of Nations holds The Consortium, its Advocates and innovators independent and immune from prosecution and liability from any nation, organization, or individual—allowing The Consortium’s operations a wide range of latitude while executing critical climate mission tasks.

This is what an Advocate means is to us!!


If you or your organization has developed this fundamental thinking that could contribute to our future advancement, we would like to connect with you.  Please fill out the Advocate Member Form, and we will contact you ASAP.