We have seen some movement at great effort and expense to promise a cleaner future with a stable climate and renewable energy goals.  A proposed carbon credit scheme calls for citizens to change lifestyles and to conserve, and a ban on gasoline automobiles by 2035.  But not much more can be accomplished using our social traditions and conventional institutions.

The Climate Protection Consortium was established in November of 2018 to propose an unconventional method of breaking the gridlock of the world’s ability to respond to the global climate crisis. Even though climate recovery technology has been available for over 100 years, our ability to solve complex problems has been blocked by societal or market conflicts of interest.

Our geopolitical landscape has further compromised critical safety and security features, ensuring the sustainability of our climate.  By allowing this disengagement, there is a significant impact on our environment and risks to our continuity of humanity.

We need an independent institution, one that leverages our best people motivated only by humanity’s greater good.  And we need to provide them with our full support and authority from our world’s governments to solve these long-term and complex problems efficiently.

The “Consortium Concept” is a non-traditional approach to global climate management and with solutions. Unlike capitalism, The Consortium Concept does not monetize climate “solutions” to avert global risks to humanity.  It does not make simple Cost/ Benefit calculations.  It places a priority on the continuity of humanity based on the livability of the environment.  This mission involves every citizen, organization, government, corporation, investor, the wealthy, and all special interests to contribute to making the environment a better place to live and ensure a better future.

We ask that all nations sponsor this mission with at least sovereignty influence, declaring its support towards a global mission with technology solutions.  For responsible nations contributing carbon emissions, pledging of already owned assets, services, resources, infrastructure, and sovereignty privileges to help optimize the stewardship mission and develop many viable climate innovations requiring very little cash or fiat currency.  The result is eliminating the burdens of raising capital through conflicted intermediaries.

This means that humanity could immediately begin working together on a worldwide effort to optimize our outcome. This “No Wait, Start Now” stratify unifies humanity to begin an immediate and coordinated climate recovery effort.

The Consortium’s mission goals are to:

  • Stabilize atmospheric CO2 concentrations to 350 ppm by 2035 with climate stabilization geo infrastructure technology enabled by renewable energy.
  • Influence global climate legislation, policy, and regulations to protect the development and implementation of climate mitigation technology solutions worldwide.
  • Provide master planning to guide climate management.
  • Foster and fund many critical climate recovery technology solutions developments for global implementation.

The Consortium’s mission concept is guided by a set of Fundamental Moral Imperatives and Continuity of Humanity Priorities set forth by our mission operational guidelines.

Our Board of Advocates comprises the world’s leading climate advocates in academia, industry, and business.  This guides our management and actions within the scope and guideposts of the Fundamental Moral Imperatives and Continuity of Humanity Priorities.

The Consortium is well suited to act as long-term custodial stewardship because of its non-partisan agenda and its insulation from special interest conflicts, geopolitical, geoeconomic, and bureaucratic influences. The Consortium executes its mission objectives with indemnity, immunity, and impunity.