Hello, my name is Jeffrey Carey…

From the Desk of Jeffrey Carey

My name is Jeffrey Carey.  I am the Executive Director for The Climate Protection Consortium. I also serving a dual role as the Administrative Officer for the Alliance of Nations.

I want to introduce myself and tell you how I believe we can protect society from catastrophic climate changes that capital markets simply can not solve.

For critical technology innovations, like climate issues, we must have a fast tract plan to implementation, especially where all of our health, safety and security are concerned.  Climate reversing technology is one of those critical technologies which simply must be protected.

We need to know that society and its governments will ensure our safety and security by supporting these technologies.  Everything innovators need in terms of resources, security and support can be provided by the world’s governments to advance climate innovations for the benefit of humanity.   However, inherent to governments are special interests, conflicts of interest, and bureaucracy standing in the way of this progress.

The Climate Protection Consortium and the Alliance of Nations can limit these influences by separating government control and influences from environmental stewardship and innovation.  All industrialized nations must pledge at least influence.  Industrialized nations should pledge resources, services and support infrastructure to develop innovation projects in a not-for-profit environment, the Consortium, via the Alliance of Nations.  This ensures a safer and more secure environment for innovation.

My first job is to introduce this concept to our Advocates and the world’s governments.  While I am sure this will be a challenge, I am sure the People and our leaders will agree that The Climate Protection Consortium is the key to success in reversing climate change for everyone.

I will keep you informed of our progress.


Jeffrey Carey