The Climate Protection Consortium is a not-for-profit, global climate Custodial Stewardship designated by The Alliance of Nations. Working on behalf of the world’s people, we are an independent and autonomous global climate custodian, ensuring that our continuity of life imperatives within “The Climate Red Zone” are maintained.  Our mission is to reverse global warming and stabilize our climates directly with climate reversing technologies by 2025 under the direction of the world’s people and their resources through their governments.

Our mission has dual roles, both as an incubator, funder and guardian for innovators to assist the development of their climate reversing technologies and as a global climate stewardship, working outside a complex social system to ensure that safeguards are in place to protect against the climate’s impact on our environment.  

Our mission spans many decades in a process that aligns nations and states, international law, social ideology and policy to realize benefits far beyond our conceivable limits. This is the will, needs, and the best interests of the world’s people.  

The Climate Protection Consortium exercises jurisdictional authority and oversight over the Climate Red Zone with the backing of the world’s people and the aggregated sovereignty and authority pledges from the world’s nations, through our intergovernmental sponsor, The Alliance of Nations